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Hii! So I love parent!lock. What if instead of Hamish, they have a daughter who is a teenager now. And she's just started puberty and John and Sherlock are completely out of their element. Or something along those lines? I just think it would be so funny to try to imagine how'd they deal with it in their own ways.

(Heya! :D I haven’t written Victoria in a while, so this will be interesting! I hope you like it - sorry it’s late!)


Sherlock scrambled up the stairs. “Victoria? What’s wrong?” he burst into the bathroom. “Vicky?”

Victoria Holmes was visibly shaking, her face deathly pale and her blue eyes wide. “I-I- Help!”

Sherlock grinned. “Is it a spider? You and your Dad are just the same…”

"No! Worse!" Victoria pointed to the sink.

Sherlock slowly walked over - a red-stained pair of pants stared back up at him. Sherlock instantly stepped back, waving his hands in front of him and shaking his head. “This isn’t my area. This really isn’t-“

"Please?" Victoria begged. "I don’t know what’s going on. Please just explain it to me." tears dripped down her pale cheeks.

Sherlock was almost as scared as her. He reluctantly walked towards his daughter and hugged her gently, looking into her eyes. “It’s called a period, Victoria. It happens to all women.”

"A period?"

"Yes." Sherlock really didn’t want to talk about this, and it showed in his strained tone of voice. "I think…" he heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and was relieved. "John? Is that you?"

"Yeah." John peered into the bathroom. "What’s up?"

Sherlock and Victoria just stared back at him, neither of them wanting to explain the situation. 

"Is it a spider?" John frowned.

"No!" the Holmes’ yelped. Sherlock glanced at Victoria before announcing shakily: "Victoria has become a lady.”

John went grey. “You don’t mean-“


John gulped. “I’ll get Mrs Hudson.”

"Good idea."

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