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you guys are too perfect okay
asdfghjkl;’ i love you so so much

you guys are too perfect okay


asdfghjkl;’ i love you so so much


(Happy Johniarty… tough to write, but so adorable!)

"Are you sure about this, Jim?" John frowned nervously at his boyfriend, who grinned back.

"Of course! Just hold tight and enjoy the ride!"

The clack of the rollercoaster wheels underneath the carriage sounded like the Grim Reaper’s footsteps to John – he gritted his teeth and gripped the metal bar tightly as they ascended upwards, the theme park getting smaller and smaller below them…

"HOLD TIGHT, JOHNNY!" Jim yelled.

Then they were plunging! The rollercoaster dipped and swerved, the metal bar rising so much that John thought he would fall out. Jim had his hands in the air, shrieking in delight, but John clutched the bar, his knuckles white with the grip. He opened his mouth but the wind whipped his cry away from him. The rollercoaster dipped a few more times, and they pulled to a fast stop in the loading bay. John stared straight ahead, his hands still curled round the bar. Jim stood up with a yawn.

"Boring. Come on John." he looked down at the blond. "John?"

John was paralysed. Jim sighed and tugged his hands free of the bar, the other passengers and park staff chuckling at them. Jim ignored them, heaving John away from the ride. Once they got outside, John collapsed onto a bench, breathing heavily.

"Are you okay?" Jim resisted the urge to grin.

"Fine. I’m fine." John shuddered.

"That wasn’t even the best ride." Jim raised an eyebrow. "That was tame."

"Tame?!" John choked. “That was… not tame!”

Jim rolled his eyes. “You said you could handle danger.”

“I never said that!”

“I rather think you implied it when you started dating me.”

John huffed a laugh at Jim, who stuck out his tongue.

“What are we going on next? Oblivion is over there, next to Spinball, but I want to go on Nemesis before it rains.” Jim looked up at the cloudy sky. He should have brought an umbrella.

“I’d just like to sit down a for a minute, Jim. Won’t be two seconds. You go on – I don’t mind.” John waved in the direction of the other rides. Jim crossed his arms.

“No way am I going on anything without- oh, but Ripsaw…”

“Go on.” John laughed. “I really don’t mind. Just come back to me once you’re done.”

Jim dithered a bit – Ripsaw was an awesome ride, but John looked so flushed and weak from the rollercoaster (aptly named Rita: Queen of Speed) that Jim sat next to him, a soft hand on John’s arm.

“I’ll stay.”

“Big softie.” John chuckled.

Jim pursed his lips. “That ends as soon as we get home.”

“Good.” John beamed.

They sat in silence for a minute, watching one of the rides and its screaming passengers. Jim stood up and stretched.

“There’s a hotdog stand over there – want one? My treat.”

John laughed. “You’re being nice! This is so weird!”

“I’m always nice.” Jim glared at the blond, who just grinned.

“Mustard and ketchup… and hold the onions.”

Johnlock iPod case… jealous? ;)

Johnlock iPod case… jealous? ;)

In love with the stranger. And the asker. Just everyone in general.

In love with the stranger. And the asker. Just everyone in general.



School Life: Episode 2

It’s the weekend!

I have homework.

My friends aren’t bitching about me anymore!

I feel a little unwell.

It’s my birthday in 15 days!

Thank you to all my awesome followers for putting up with me.

And have a great weekend!

Managed to convince someone I’m a unicorn. Life is good.


^this. this is epic.

I love my life :)

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