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Okay so this episode basically represents everything I hate about Moffat’s episodes of doctor who

  1. Too much flirty dialogue
  2. Silurians - surprise, surprise. 
  3. Amy actually being smart, but will probably, by the end of the ep, be wrong.
  4. The Doctor being totally crazy, but not making any sense. At least Tennant made sense and explained stuff. 
  5. Weak plots. 
  6. Sexual subplots. Thought it was a “kid’s show”…


Ya, I miss the good old days when there weren’t any sexual subplots.

Fanfic prompt: How about something like Sherlock bringing home his first girlfriend and John being very amused

(Sorry if this wasn’t what you expected, but I hope you like it!!)


John looked up from his book to see Sherlock in the doorway, hesitating. John smiled. “Hey. What’s up?”

“I’ve brought someone home.”

“A client?”

“No. It’s… she’s my girlfriend.”

John’s jaw dropped. “You have a girlfriend?!”

“Yes.” Sherlock frowned. “Is it that hard to believe?”

“Yes, it is!” John jumped up with a grin. “Where is she? Is she human?”

“Yes she’s human!” Sherlock snapped. He stepped into the living room, ushering a small brunette woman in behind him. “This is Beryl.”

“Nice to meet you.” the woman extended a hand to John, who took and shook it.

“I’m John, John Watson.”

“Oh, so this is the famous-”

“Yes, ahem, Beryl, would you like to make yourself at home?” Sherlock suddenly busied himself with tidying the place, shoving papers from his chair and the table. Beryl sat herself in Sherlock’s chair, studying the various knick-knacks around the flat.

“So you live here too?” Beryl smiled at John.

“That’s right.” John beamed. “So… you are human?”

Beryl laughed. “Last time I checked!”

“And you’re not going to kill him in his sleep? Because many people have thought about it.” John glanced at Sherlock, who stood beside the table, glaring at John.

“Well…” Beryl hesitated. She and John laughed.

“Tea, anyone?” Sherlock half-shouted.

“Two sugars, love.” Beryl smiled.

“No sugars, sweetums.” John snickered.

Sherlock contemplated smacking John across the face, but restrained himself and went into the kitchen, preparing the tea.

“So how did you two meet?” John leant back in his chair.

“Sherlock was on a case, and I was on the forensics team. Instant chemistry!” Beryl giggled.

“Wow!” John nodded, impressed. Usually Sherlock avoided the forensics team. This girl must be special.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Beryl leaned forward conspiratorially.

“You’re an alien.”

The woman laughed. “No.”

“Damn.” John grinned.

“The truth is, John, I have a boyfriend already.” Beryl shrugged.

There was a pause.

“So why are you dating Sherlock?” John frowned.

Beryl smiled. “To make Jack jealous.”


“My boyfriend.”

“Two sugars, Beryl?” Sherlock called.

“Yes, love!” she called back.

John stood up, his hands balling into fists, his face like thunder. Beryl’s eyes widened. Sherlock came back into the living room, holding the tray of drinks.

“Here we are!” he sang in an unnatural voice.

“Sherlock, Beryl needs to tell you something.” John growled.

Sherlock glanced at the man, then at his girlfriend, who shook her head slowly at John.

“Beryl?” Sherlock raised an eyebrow. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, dear.” she stood up. “I have to go. See you tomorrow?”

“Yes.” Sherlock nodded.

Beryl pecked his cheek and fled from the flat, slamming the door behind her. Sherlock rounded on John.

“What did you say to her?”

“Sherlock, just a word of advice… break up with her.” John growled.


John ignored him and stormed upstairs, leaving Sherlock to wonder what had gone wrong.

Okay, I’ll stop with Omegle now :P