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Hi, I don't want to sound rude and I'm really sorry I'm saying that, but if you don't enjoy dw anymore, why don't you just stop watching it?



Because it’s my favourite show. Because I remember when it was good. Because I remember watching my Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, leap around the screen and save planets and be the hero that I wanted to be. Because I’m crying right now, typing out this message, and it’s Christmas. And all I want is for my Doctor to come back.

Because it has the potential to be great, and can be when handled correctly. It’s the same reason a lot of people protest against but still watch the new Star Trek movies.

We love the show, but we hate what it is right now. And even more frustratingly, we always feel that at any moment the show could be what it should be again and we don’t want to miss it when that happens, even as it seems that it becomes less and less likely to happen with every passing episode.



what i literally do not understand ,

is why its ok

to insult your fucking child, and then expect them to respect you, as if you treated them like they fucking deserve to be???

like???? no im not going to fucking admire you as a parent if you make me feel like shit.

you’re supposed to bring your kids self esteem up????? not shatter it???????

I’ve dealt with this for too many years with my aunt and uncle… Jeez….

You are so incredibly adorable with your rosy cheeks and your beautiful hair and your cleverness that if I wasn't married I'd probably want to date you as I did have a mild crush on you.


no you’re more adorable you adorable little adorableness

made me blush: 5/5


(whispers) its a-ok to rely on fictional characters to get you through your life bc life is hard ok if it makes you happy stick w/ it and anybody who says otherwise can go fuck themselves (pets u gentlee)


Friendly reminder that while the world is bigger than you, you are allowed to feel things and have emotional reactions to not just horribly-decided court cases, but also celebrity deaths, and also not having any ice cream left in the freezer. Just because something else is bigger doesn’t mean it has to affect the severity of a “little thing” to you. 



i don’t give a shit if you’re an adult or you think you know shit because you’re a parent and ~i’m not~

if your child turns to you and asks you to stop saying or doing something because it’s hurtful/making them feel bad about themselves

fucking stop and have an actual discussion with them like an adult

instead of acting your kid’s age and being a fucking BULLY


tagging your hate is like going to a pasta convention and screaming that you don’t like pasta. you can sit there and argue, “but it’s not a pasta lover’s convention and it did have to do with pasta!” but how many people go to a pasta convention that don’t like pasta?



True story my therapist told me it is 100% natural and healthy to have attachments to fictional characters, especially strong hero types because they may have flaws but in the end they always save the day and some people just need that constant positive force in their life. 




This is a Martha Jones appreciation Tumblr.

martha is a total badass and anyone who says otherwise wasn’t paying attention

however my (and i think many other’s) issue with her so far as “lovesick” goes is not that she fell in love with the doctor but the way she handled it

she had no idea what the doctor had gone through losing rose and she never made any attempt to understand. instead she scoffed at every mention of her name and was pissed with him for not just forgetting all about rose for her and that is not okay

i don’t hate her by any means but she is my least favorite of the companions and while i agree that all of the reasons above are shit reasons to hate on her, i think disliking her for how she handled the situation with the doctor missing rose is fairly legitimate 


just to make things clear for people and actors alike, 

  • we do not ship the actors but the characters
  • the characters are being shipped not the actors
  • johnlock  ≠ bentin
  • sherlock+john = shagging like rabbits/getting old together
  • benedict+martin = being brilliant actors and people/ making us cry


Hey! Did you know:

  • sex is okay
  • so is masturbation
  • watching porn won’t make you impure
  • one night stands are okay too
  • having sex with multiple people doesn’t make you a slut
  • even 3-somes or group sex and orgies are a-okay
  • sex with the same gender is alright
  • not having sex doesn’t make you a prude
  • your body your choice no matter your gender
  • shaming other people for who they have sex with, how much they have sex, and even their kinks make you NOT okay!



i dont want the 12th doctor to be a woman

not because i’m sexist to my own gender but because it would change the dynamic of the show too much and there would be a disconnect between 12 and the other doctors 

I actually could not agree more.


Telling someone they’re not good enough is not okay

Telling someone they’re not good enough is not okay

I don’t care if you’re joking. I don’t care if you think ‘It will push them to work harder.’ Because it isn’t a joke, and it will not always make someone want to work harder to prove you wrong.

Sometimes they accept it as a fact, then they live with a mindset of “Why try when I’m just going to fail?”

It’s not okay.



shipping is NOT purely about sex

shipping is NOT believing two characters are already in a relationship

shipping is NOT wanting the show/book/movie to be purely about your ship

shipping is NOT automatically ignoring the actual overall plot

shipping is NOT a game

shipping IS, however, personally interpreting two characters’ feelings for each other as romantic and wanting their feelings to come to fruition so they can be happy